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How much do concrete pools cost?

Concrete pool prices fluctuate for several reasons. This article explains what to expect including prices for landscaping, fencing, plumbing and electrical.  

What is the average cost for building a concrete pool?

Pool prices Melbourne customers pay vary from $40k to $100k including accessories.

• plunge pool prices will be in the $40k to $50k range
• family and lap pools vary between $50k and $100k
• spas add approximately $20k to $25k to the pool price
• large complex swimming pools can start at around $100k  

What determines the price you pay for your pool?

As detailed above, pool prices vary significantly and like building a new home the price you pay is governed by:

  • size
  • structural complexity
  • site conditions
  • materials and finishes
  • quality of supervision
  • accessories  

What other costs are involved when building my new pool?

It’s important you consider four essential elements when budgeting for your pool installation.

  • your pool’s initial purchase price
  • pool fencing
  • landscaping works
  • plumbing and electrical connections.  

How much is pool fencing?

Allow around $250–$300 per metre for metal and $500–$800 per metre for glass fencing. The type of fence and metres required governs your price. If you intend to use your boundary fence as a barrier, modifications may be required to comply with pool barrier regulations.  

How much is landscaping?

Professional landscaping fluctuates from around $10,000 for paving around the pool zone to over $70,000 for a complete garden makeover. Generally you’ll pave or deck around your pool, fix the garden and buy outdoor furniture. It’s important to discuss your budget with the landscaper to ensure you neither under nor over capitalise.  

How much do landscape designers charge?

A landscape designer will charge around $4,000 to $15,000. The size of the job and their reputation will attract a premium price. The right designer will maximise the beauty and functionality of you yard.  

How much will plumbing and electrical works cost?

Prices vary from $3,000 to $4,000. Obviously if sewer pipes need redirection or new gas pipes are to be laid, prices will be higher. Most pool filtration systems need sewer connection and power’s required for your equipment. This is done by licensed electricians and plumbers and not your pool builder. Gas heaters require connection to the gas mains by your plumber.  

How do I get a quote and what do I do next?

The best way to verify how much your concrete pool will cost is to request a site visit and quote from your pool builder. So there you have it, a basic idea of pool prices in Melbourne. The values given are general in nature and just like building a house, the final investment will be dependent on the factor described above. Good luck and if you live in Melbourne please feel free to contact us to arrange a site visit and pool quote.

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