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How to compare your pool quotes

Getting accurate pool quotes from pool builders and getting what you expect, including value for money, is important. This brief article will emphasise key areas that may explain price differences and help you confidently compare quotes.

Evaluating a pool builder’s quote.

  1. Use your most detailed quote as a template for the rest.
  2. Is everything included?  Site specific requirements, custom features and equipment?
  3. Is the size and depths the same? You may have discussed different pool designs with another pool builder.
  4. Are all excavation, soil cartage and tipping fees included or only included to a certain value.
  5. The filter location and/or distance from the pool should be specified and all pipework to and from the pool should be included.
  6. What is the width of your bond beam? The bond beam supports the pavers sitting on top of your pool. A narrow bond beam (say 150mm) is cheaper to construct compared to a pool with a wider beam (250mm).  The beam width is determined by the width of the paver to be installed on the pool shell.
  7. Is the laying of pool coping included?  (Paver that sits on the bond beam) In most circumstances it is better the pool builder lays the coping.
  8. Check Pool Interiors, are they tiled or quartz rendered? Fully tiled pools cost more and certain types of tiles command a premium price.
  9. Is a Datum Point nominated? The datum is a fixed point used to reference the structural level of your pool. E.g. the datum point might be your existing paved area and the pool is to be constructed 60 mm below this point. Now if after discussions with another Melbourne pool builder, you preferred your concrete pool built a metre higher than the paved area, then the price may increase due to additional engineering requirements and above ground formwork. Under these circumstances all pool quotes should be revised to reflect changes in height above or below ground level.
  10. Are all accessories itemised including model numbers, sizes and price?
  11. Some Melbourne pool builders prefer to quote a basic price and add everything else in as options. Always turn the page and check if options need to be added to the basic pool price.
  12. Check your quotes clearly indicate items not included. When getting pool quotes in Melbourne it's always important you read your quotes thoroughly to ensure you understand what you’re getting
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