Concrete Pools

Bespoke Pools are specialist Melbourne pool builders who build concrete pools our customers love. Your pool isn’t just a hole in the ground, it’s an architecturally inspired piece of design. It’s an extension of your home and your lifestyle. What will your pool say about you?

Choose your own unique formal/geometric or free-form concrete pool design or choose from our most popular designs below.

Family pools

Concrete family swimming pools are your standard rectangle. They are generally 8 metres in length, or longer, and wide enough to allow for plenty of diving room and communal swimming.

Lap Pools

Concrete lap pools are long and narrow. Although there are no hard and fast rules, if you want to swim laps, they should be at least 15 metres long and 2 metres wide. They are a great idea for narrow spaces or maximising the available area around your concrete pool.

Plunge pools

Plunge pools work well in an intimate courtyard or compact back yards. They’re usually less than 7 metres long and 1.6 metres deep. Designed primarily for cool relaxation and to enhance small spaces, special attention should be given to underwater seating and elegant design.

Infinity edge

Infinity edge pools lack one or more edges. While most concrete swimming pools have a definable edge around their perimeter, the infinity edge pool produces the visual effect of water extending beyond, or vanishing into, the horizon. This effect is particularly impressive when the infinity edge appears to merge with the sky or an open body of water such as the ocean or a large lake.

Wet deck Pools

A wet deck pool is constructed with a hidden gutter around its perimeter. Water overflows into this gutter and is then recirculated back into your pool via an underground balance tank. The effect created can be stunning. Just imagine the water is perfectly level with the surrounding paving, providing a seamless transition between land and water.

Indoor concrete Pools

Indoor concrete pools add an element of opulence to any home and provide comfortable year-round swimming in Melbourne’s unpredictable conditions.

Free-form pools

Free-form, or natural looking concrete pools, work well in bush settings or properties with rustic appeal. They can be built to mimic a cool oasis or billabong. The addition of water cascades and underwater ledges engineered to support semi-submerged feature rocks will enhance the natural effect.

Free-form pools can cost more than traditional rectangular swimming pools. This is due to the additional landscaping works and engineering required to strengthen your pool to support heavy feature rocks. However, the outstanding results achieved when done properly is worth the additional investment