Working in consultation with Bespoke Pools, owner David Kehoe and designer Vlado Ihasz overcame the existing engineering challenges of this project and made clever use of the available space by constructing a large submerged beach that cantilevers over the top of an underground carpark.

Siting the pool close to the home’s boundary means it dominates the courtyard and remains low-maintenance; a literal sea of calm nestled among the home’s key living areas.

The black and white speckled 2.3m x 60mm granite pavers that float over the submerged beach complement the modern design and colour scheme of the home’s exterior, while the pool’s deep blue LED-illuminated tiles add a splash of colour. The warm and leafy feature wall helps to further soften the stark architecture, adding interest to the courtyard.

Bespoke Pools recommended a Waterco Hydroxypure sanitation system to eliminate evaporated salt stains on the adjacent windows, while significantly reducing the corrosive effect of salt on the existing large steel window frames.